Our Mission

Here at City of Zion Christians Campground our purpose is to ultimately bring restoration unto the lost. Whether it means being a foot soldier going out into the highways and byways or a 24hr crisis line; our aim and determination is to serve the lost. We are committed to providing immediate assistance to people who are in great need of becoming liberated from their overwhelming circumstances. For some may be homeless or incarcerated, others may need assistance with rehabilitation (i.e., drugs, self inflicting abuses etc.) and yet others may be victims of an abuser or perhaps even a runaway. We are here to address your immediate need; we are also your link to other resources. C.O.Z.C.C.Inc. offers workshops, Life Coaching and Marketing skills for employment readiness. This is all Christian biblical based to aid in identifying God’s plan and purpose for each individual.
Overall our final destination is to direct the lost back unto God by the ministries of Love, Salvation and Reconciliation through Christ Jesus. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. For our Lord is alive and because He lives so do we that believe. We shall behold the transformation of the old man into the “New Creature” as promised.